Youths Are Where the Party Calls

In the DPRK where the first year struggle for accomplishment of the decision of the Eighth Party Congress is now dynamically underway, a great number of youths are volunteering to work in the arduous sectors without hesitation.

The most arduous sectors in which they have to work now is really a battle area of merit creation to bring glory to their youth lives.

In contrast, the youths become the source of social trouble in the capitalist societies.

In Japan in 2020, a woman, 70 years old, happened to fall down on a street, struck by a hammer of a fifteen aged school boy. The criminal said imposingly to a policeman who asked him the motive of his crime that he “wanted to kill a man earlier on.”

Youths are now a problem hard to be solved in many countries of the world, whereas the DPRK`s youths have been strongly growing up as the creators of noble virtues and traits, vital units of the society and heirs to revolution. It is the brilliant fruition of the lofty idea and politics of youth importance of the Worker’s Party of Korea.

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