Mt. Kuwol

  • Mt. Jangsu

    Mt Jangsu has been called Hwanghae Kumgang from olden times for the picturesque scenery of mysterious rocks and cliffs, deep…

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  • Sansong Revolutionary site

    It is located in the centre of Kuwolsan Fort. Kim Hyong Jik, father of President Kim Il Sung, an indomitable…

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  • Kuwolsan Fort

    It was built in the period of Koguryo dynasty to ward off foreign invasion. It is 5.23 kilometres round and…

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  • Woljong Temple

    It is the Buddhist temple of Koguryo period located in Tanphung Valley against the background of Asa Peak. It is…

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  • Samsong Temple

    It is about 2 kilometres down the entrance to Eight Pool Valley. Mt. Kuwol has many historical relics and sites…

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  • Tomb No. 3 in Anak County

    Tomb No. 3 lies in Oguk-ri, Anak County, South Hwanghae Province. The mausoleum of King Kogukwon of Koguryo, it was…

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