The Reason He Did Not Feel Relieved

On September 16 Juche 34 (1945) when all the Korean people were delighted with national liberation, President Kim Il Sung did not sleep in the evening.

At that time, an anti-Japanese revolutionary fighter told him to take full rest shaking off all his apprehension as the country was liberated. However the President said quietly that his longing for comrades who had already passed away without seeing the happy day together was more anxious that night.

And then, saying that they closed their eyes longing for his good health for victory in the revolution at the last moment of their lives, but he could not set up tombstones for them and buried them in the alien desert land and that he was loath to leave them behind, the President eagerly told that we should never forget them forever and fulfill their desires by all means.

Having come to know what apprehension it was that the President had in his mind instead of pleasure from liberation even though he had undergone all hardships and privations to retake the country, the fighter could not say at all as he was greatly shocked by his speech.

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