Greatest Joy and Pride

The following happened one August day in Juche 108 (2019) when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of Yangdok Hot Spring Resort.

Feasting his eyes on the panoramic view of the construction site, he said that he visited it after four months, but he did not know where he stood as it underwent a dramatic change. Noting that soldier-builders carried out such a huge project as the building of a city at lightning speed, he spoke highly of the unit as a mighty unit.

The Workers’ Party of Korea unfolds one ambitious blueprint after another for the prosperity of the country to realize the people’s dreams and ideals thanks to the People’s Army which faithfully support the leadership of the WPK, he noted, adding he takes his greatest joy and pride in paving the road of the revolution together with such an army that regards it as its peculiar mettle to carry out the Party’s determination and respond to its order with an answer of “Yes”.

In December 2019 the Supreme Leader attended the inaugural ceremony of the resort. It is a very happy event to provide the new hot spring culture and hot spring civilization to the people, but it is more pleasing that the soldiers of the People’s Army have created such civilization with their own hands, he stressed. Calling it a miracle and a perfect edifice that can be created only by the People’s Army that carries out the orders given by the leader in the spirit of strong gust of wind, and praising the People’s Army for having done another worthwhile thing for the people, he expressed his great satisfaction.

Extending warm greetings to all the soldier-builders who created an eternal wealth for the people to go down along with the era of the Workers’ Party in a mountainous area, he had a photo session with the commanding officers of KPA units and sub-units that were seconded to the project.

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