Small Ladder Fixed on Side of Water Slide

One day in October Juche 102 (2013), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Munsu Water Park newly built in the Munsu area of Pyongyang.

Making the rounds of various places of the water park with great satisfaction, he stopped in front of the steep water slide in the outdoor wading pool.

Gazing pleasantly at the people sliding down the facility from the dizzy height, he said delightedly that it seems that the steep water slide is the most popular facility in the outdoor wading pool and it would probably attract lots of people in summer.

And he came to notice some people stopping and jumping over the slide onto the floor as they failed to slide down to the end of it. He instructed officials to fix a ladder in the middle of the horizontal position of the slide to help people go down the steps from it.

This was how a small ladder was installed there for the convenience of the people.

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