• West Sea Barrage

    The famous West Sea Barrage is located 15 km to the west of the Port Hotel. The 8-km-long barrage was…

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  • Chongsan Co-operative Farm

    It is located 28 kilometers away from Pyongyang. It grows rice and other cereals. During his visit to this farm…

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  • Three Tombs of Kangso

    They are the mural tombs of Koguryo built in the mid-7th century, and they are located in Sammyo-ri, Kangso District.…

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  • Mural Tomb in Yaksu-ri

    The mural tomb, from the late fourth century-early fifth century, the period of Koguryo, is situated on a hill in…

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  • Mural Tomb in Susan-ri

    Built in the late fifth century, it is the tomb of a feudal noble of Koguryo. It is situated in…

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  • Tokhung-ri Mural Tomb

    The Tokhung-ri Mural Tomb which is located in Tokhung-ri, Kangso County was built in 408 during the reign of Kwanggaetho,…

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