Tasting Kimchi Personally

One day in January Juche 74(1985) Chairman Kim Jong Il told an official to bring kimchi produced at a kimchi factory.

The Chairman who waited for a while, even postponing a consultative meeting, carefully examined the whole bok choy kimchi brought by the official and tasted it.

Tasting it once again, he said the taste of kimchi was good enough as the product of a factory. But he wore an anxious look.

Lost in thought for a while, the Chairman said that the seasonings seemed to contain too much red pepper and that too much hot pepper in kimchi irritates the stomach and harms health. He referred to the need to add red pepper appropriately enough to enhance taste.

This is one of stories about the noble love the Chairman showed for the people as he devoted his all to them, regarding them as his God all his life.

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