Sun of Humankind

President Kim Il Sung earned tremendous respect and trust from so many people and prominent figures around the world for the great exploits he performed throughout his revolutionary life on behalf of the times and history and personality as a great man.

Deeply moved by the noble sense of moral obligation of the peerlessly great man who remained unchanged in the fidelity, Cambodian Great King Norodom Shihanouk praised highly President Kim Il Sung as the Sun of humankind.

Former Yugoslavian President Tito spoke highly of the President as the great man with staunch viewpoint, outstanding political philosophy, high dignity and good sense he had visualized as an ideal man, the great leader of the world revolution and the Non-aligned Movement and the rare master of politics.

Former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai earnestly said the question of the world revolution can only be solved correctly under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung, officially-recognized leader of the world politics, and sincerely hoped that the President would lead the world revolution for the future of mankind.

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