Greatest Request

One day in December Juche 39(1950) President Kim Il Sung who presided over a meeting told the officials to hurry up for departure as soon as it ended.

The officials asked him to leave in the evening as the enemy planes were on the rampage in the daytime.

But he urged them to get ready for a journey saying he had to call on a place.

Unexpectedly the place where his entourage arrived was a hospital for the war wounded.

Upon arrival, he went straight into a sickroom and said warmly that he came to see those who were wounded in battles.

He said that though they said their wounds healed up and they would go to the front, he did not think they had been cured fully. He added that their present combat assignment was to recover their health as early as possible so that they could go back to their posts and this was his greatest request.

Before leaving the hospital, he warmly held the hands of its officials and repeatedly asked them to take good care of the wounded soldiers.

His car drove off and went far, but the hospital officials felt more keenly his burning love for the soldiers.

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