Imaging Slightest Inconvenience

One day in April Juche 101(2012) the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un looked round the Rungna Fun Fair in order to give field guidance to the Rungna People`s Pleasure Ground under construction.

The then fun fair was divided into two blocks and each of them had a front gate separately.

He learnt that people would have some trouble when they wanted to see two blocks of the fair, as they had to enter and go out of Block One and go into Block Two again. Therefore, he urged officials to connect two blocks of the fair so that visitors could see it as a whole however they entered any front gate of the blocks.

He also mentioned that a Ferris wheel or a roller coaster should be set up for people to freely come and go through two blocks overlooking the circumjacent beautiful scene.

Every word of his advice was really valuable, as it was filled with boundless loving care of the fatherly leader who considers people`s conveniences and their interest first and regards them as absolute.

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