Banquets Mark the 75th Founding Anniversary of the WPK

Banquets were arranged at the Mokran House, the People’s Palace of Culture, Okryu Restaurant, Chongnyu Restaurant, Pyongyang Taedonggang Fish Restaurant, etc. on October 11 on the occasion of the 75th founding anniversary of the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea.

Speeches were made there.

Speakers, in reflection of the unanimous wish of all the Party members and other people, service personnel of the Korean People’s Army and the delegates to the celebrations for the 75th birthday of the WPK, paid high tribute to the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, the founder and builder of the WPK, and extended the greatest glory and warmest congratulations to Chairman Kim Jong Un of the WPK, symbolic of the might and dignity of the DPRK and its people.

They drank a toast to the continuous development of the WPK and the prosperity of the DPRK, to the good health of Chairman Kim Jong Un of the WPK, the outstanding leader of the Juche revolution and the great symbol and representative of the DPRK and its people, and to the eternal happiness of the Korean people. 

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