Foreigner Figure Receives Strong Impression in DPRK (2)

A Short Cut

Many countries of the world attach importance to the training of talents. But no one has ever imagined or dared to think about expanding it to the broad masses of people.

Making all the people well versed in science and technology is a shortcut to a leap forward to an advanced industrial country.


Bright Future

Grain production has grown in the socialist rural villages, greenhouse vegetable production bases have sprung up across the country, a sea of apple trees have been planted at the foot of the renowned Chol Pass and fishing boats have blown the whistle of full load of fishes in the fisheries. The DPRK is making history by turning all mountains, fields and seas into “gold mountains”, “golden fields” and “gold seas”.

There are many things to talk about it.

The world sees the brilliant future of the Kim Jong Un era in the big, forward steps taken by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who demonstrates the inexhaustible might of Juche Korea.

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