The Name He Gave in Person

One day a few years ago, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un saw the samples of notebooks newly produced.

Having a try to write letters in a new notebook in person and estimating the paper`s quality, he made the factory to be named Mindulle. That day, he said meaningfully to the following effect:

If there is anything to give a name, we have to give the name enough to evoke strong sense of love for fatherland and to smell national flavor to the utmost. When we begin producing Mindulle-branded notebooks in this factory, we shall be producing all we need on our own from school satchels and uniforms to notebooks. Then, our students shall perceive from their childhood that ours are best….

Mindulle was fraught with his great expectation and request that wants the young people to foster their mind of regarding ours as best and realize their beautiful dreams and ideals for glorifying their dear fatherland.

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