Repositioned TV Set

Chairman Kim Jong Il took steps towards a Korean People’s Army unit, saying he should call on soldiers even at night as they were taking great pains at their post at the seaside exposed to cold wind.

The accompanying officials were anxious as the Chairman might have been very tired from the inspection trip he made to several KPA units in the east coastal area from early morning.

And yet he was heading for another unit.

The Chairman looked round the education room and barracks at the unit and came outside. He was lost in thought for a little while and said he could feel relief only after seeing the TV screen.

And he checked on the quality of the TV screen and sound in the education room and said that was good enough.

The accompanying officials were also satisfied with it.

Just at that time, the Chairman said that the temperature of the education room was lower than that of the soldiers’ quarters and it would be better to let them watch TV in a warm room. He added they would be very pleased to watch TV in the warm room.

The television was thus moved to the quarters under the meticulous care of the Chairman.

This story is based on the occurrence on November 30 Juche 86(1997).

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