Kim Jong Un Meets, Congratulates Air Force Commanders, Pilots

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, invited to the office building of the headquarters of the Party Central Committee 705 pilots of over 20 regiments of five divisions, who participated in the general operation of the air force flying corps with 500 fighters involved for 3 hours and 47 minutes on November 4, on the occasion of the Day of Airmen and warmly congratulated and encouraged them.

The respected General Secretary invited to Pyongyang the commanding officers and pilots of the Air Force who contributed to strikingly demonstrating Juche Korea’s transparent spirit against the enemy and its invincible stamina by successfully conducting the large-scale flying operation on the order of the Party Central Committee with the resolute will to counter the enemies’ large-scale combined air drills and the overwhelming fighting spirit on the occasion of the Day of Airmen, and lavished great privilege and favour on them.

The commanding officers and pilots were greatly excited to enter the yard of the Party Central Committee with the proud military merits of displaying the indefatigable fighting spirit instilled by the great Party Central Committee and dealing deadly blows at the enemies who made reckless military provocation.

When the General Secretary came out, all the participants paid the greatest respects to the peerlessly illustrious commander who resolutely overpowers the imperialists’ tyranny with his gifted military wisdom, outstanding commanding art and iron faith and pluck and opens up the new history of a powerful country in which the absolute prestige of our sacred country and the dignity of its people are defended on the highest level by dint of powerful strength.

Waving back to the enthusiastic cheers, Kim Jong Un sent warm militant salute to the dependable pilots who demonstrated to the world the ideological and mental advantages of our Air Force, its stricter and merciless principle of taking actions against enemies and its remarkable actual war capacity for defeating any formidable enemy at a go, by perfectly and promptly carrying out the Party’s combat order in the unprecedented large-scale air operation.

An invincible air legend is created by pilots armed with indomitable spirit, not by any up-to-date fighters, he said, stating that it is the great pride of our Party, country and people to have brave pilots possessed of transparent view on the principal enemies and Juche-based view on war to go through thick and thin and set on fire the entire fortress of aggression on the order of the Party.

He said that the praiseworthy military merits performed by the people’s Air Force that resolutely safeguarded the territorial air of the country will shine long as an eventful victory in the history of the country. He then had a photo taken with them, expressing the conviction that the officers and men of the Air Force would glorify the golden age of the Juche-based Air Force with ardent loyalty, matchless bravery and heroic fighting spirit and reliably guarantee the bolstering of the national defence capabilities, defence of the existence of the country and enhancement of the state prestige in the future, too.

The commanding officers and pilots of the Air Force, who once again enjoyed the warm love and trust of Kim Jong Un, made a solemn pledge to perform greater feats on the road of loyalty of defending the airspace of the country and steadily carry forward the people’s Air Force’s history of absolute loyalty to the Party and the revolution and the sacred tradition of defending the lineage of Paektu.


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