Noble Loving Care for Plastic Pencil

One day in December, dozens of years ago, Chairman Kim Jong Il said to officials that he intended to give plastic pencils to students instead of wooden pencils by building a plastic pencil factory and urged them to hasten the work to build the factory.

As he saw through their surprised innermost feelings, he let them never to be anxious about money and said that we should not grudge money no matter how it was much needed if we could make good pencils.

That night an official reported him that plastic pencil factory would be built on a full scale after ongoing construction of major projects were completed in the main. The Chairman said to him that the President suggested the pencil issue as the first item for debate on the agenda of the Provisional People`s Committee of North Korea newly established after national liberation and then took measures to build a pencil factory in our country as he had regarded the educational work for rising generation as the most important one for future of revolution.

After a time, the Chairman admonished him to speed up the building of plastic pencil factory simultaneously with construction of other major projects, saying that how pleased the President would be if he were to see all the children write in plastic pencils as he had created a new benevolent history of pencil industry for rising generation on this land.

Thanks to the warm loving care of the Chairman who spared nothing for them, the plastic pencil factory began constructing on a full scale and, since then, plastic pencils were available for the pupils of all primary schools.

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In his effort to hand over the loving care for rising generation of the great leaders, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un built the Ryongbong School Things Factory in keeping with the need of a new century near the picturesque Mt. Ryongak which can produce and supply all kinds of high quality school things more and more to our children and students.

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