Remembrance of Great Man (1)

“Let`s Go among the Masses”

There was an official who was busy with synthesizing information, assigning tasks and drawing up documents as he closeted himself in his office all day long.

On June 1 Juche 53(1964), Chairman Kim Jong Il who kept looking at the way the official worked asked him if he had been to Sunan or Samsok area. At his negative reply, the Chairman said that he should have gone there. There are opinions that these days it is difficult to take buses and trains and to have a meal at restaurants as they are too crowded, but you will be unable to grasp the actual situation if you only make phone calls and burrow in files like that, he said, and continued:

We should go among the masses. Only then can we be well aware of their demands and aspirations and fulfil their needs in living in good time. An important mission of our Party is to timely formulate correct lines and policies by reflecting the demands and aspirations of the people and to effectively organize and mobilize them in the efforts to implement them.

In order for our Party to formulate a correct line and policy, it should fully grasp their demands and troubles. And to do so, our Party workers must go among the masses. …

As if he read the mind of the official who was remorseful of his wrong armchair style of work, he smilingly yet earnestly told him that if Party workers set good examples, their subordinates would follow suit and that he should set an example in going among the masses.

Afterwards, the official mixed with the masses as was told by him and worked with a sincere attitude among them. In the course of that he came to have a better understanding of the problems arising in the improvement of the people`s living including those of passenger traffic and public catering service.

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