Law on Women’s Right to Independence and Dignity

The long-cherished desire of the Korean women for freedom, equality and dignity was realized by the Law on Sex Equality promulgated in July Juche 35(1946).

“Article 1. Women exercise equality with men in all domains of state, economy, culture, society and political life.

“Article 2.  Women have the right to elect and to be elected in the elections of local or highest organ of state power.

“Article 3. Women have the right of labour equal to men and the equal rights of wages and social insurance and education. …”

 In 1946, a newspaper carried an article entitled “Letter of Thanks to General Kim Il Sung” which said:

“We extend wholehearted respect and thanks to Chairman Kim Il Sung, the great leader of our nation on behalf of 650 000 members of the General Federation of Unions of Democratic Women.

“As the General promulgated the law on sex equality in north Korea to provide women with more state and social protection as well as various rights equal to men, we are so happy that tears of gratitude are welling in our eyes. …”

Since then, a dramatic change has been made in the destiny of Korean women who had been suffering from the century-old feudal fetters and illiteracy.

Woman scientist, sportswoman, woman artist, heroine, woman deputy to the Supreme People`s Assembly…

The dignified, happy life of the Korean women enjoying to their heart’s content the dignity and rights as social human in the bosom of the peerlessly great men will last forever.

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