Attracted by His Immense Love for the People

Chairman Kim Jong Il adopted “the People are my God” as his motto and gave top priority to the interests of the people in all his thinking and practice all his life. 

Do not calculate the economic value for the good of the people, this is his arithmetic and the way of calculation of the Workers` Party of Korea, he said.

Lots of people were charmed by his boundless love for the people. Among them is the former Zambian ambassador to China and concurrently to the DPRK.    

Through the media he came to know the impressive facts that Chairman Kim Jong Il saw that the modern Pyongyang Maternity Hospital had been built for women and children with precious stones set on the floor of the entrance hall and sent a helicopter to save a pregnant woman at death`s door.  

He was so attracted by the noble virtues of Chairman Kim Jong Il who took care of the people with more intense and sincere love than that of a mother that he presented wood sculpture “Mother” to him as a gift.   

An overseas compatriot once said at a news conference:  “To  love  man  and  highly value  the people is Chairman    Kim Jong Il’s philosophy of love for the people, I think. Love for the people is the mainstay in his politics and the spirit of serving the people is his political creed.”  

These are an expression of high praise of progressive humankind for the Chairman who found pleasure in the people’s well-being and showed infinite love for them.

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