Korean Costume Show Held

The 15th National Korean Costume Show took place in September in the DPRK.

On display at the show, which was held on the theme of “Our Cloth, Our Clothes”, were more than 700 pieces of traditional Korean clothes for both men and women, including casual, holiday and wedding dresses and children’s clothing made by designers, skilled workers and students in the clothing industry and housewives from across the country, and over 50 pairs of men’s and women’s leather shoes.

Most attractive were paji and jogori(traditional men’s suit) and chima and jogori(traditional women’s suit) which give bright and soft feeling while meeting the taste and desire of the local people, waist coat, paeja(women’s waist coat), magoja(jacket worn over upper garment), tangui, turumagi(overcoat) and a variety of leather shoes which featured traditional styles.

The show also included a fashion show, workshop and presentation of experience on traditional Korean clothes.

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