Fish Vans Full of Love

There are many unusual spectacles in the DPRK that can be neither heard nor seen in any other countries of the world.

Among the tales of love told in the DPRK, there is one about “fish vans”.

It started five years ago when Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of the Korean people, gave instruction on setting up a fishery station which would specialize in supplying fish to orphanages, baby homes, primary and middle schools for orphans and rest homes, and calculated in his pocketbook how much fish were needed in a year to give the orphans and old people 300 grams of fish every day as he stood on a windy seashore.

From then, the fish vans associated with his love run on and on across the country to the orphans and old people through rain and snow or in the blazing sun.

There are so many countries in the world, no children would be as happy as the orphans in the DPRK who are regarded as the “kings” of the country and enjoys all blessings thanks to the great love and solicitude of the state.

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