Treasure Factory for People

The Pyongyang Bag Factory has sprung up in Thongil Street in Pyongyang thanks to the noble love of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un for the rising generations and people.

Built in an area of over 10 590 square metres, the modern bag production base has an annual production capacity of over hundreds of thousands of satchels and ordinary bags.

The Supreme Leader proposed building the Pyongyang Bag Factory, inspected its layout and solved all problems arising in the construction. He then visited the bag factory which was completed on a high level as his first field inspection tour of the year.

At the factory he was greatly satisfied, saying that he was really happy to see that our children and people can use bags which are made of locally available raw and other materials in the local factory and that his heart was filled with pride in having done another worthwhile job.

The country’s rosier future is mirrored on the happy faces of children who are going to school with stylish bags, products of this treasure factory, on their back.

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