Entering a Pit Face in Person

One day in July Juche 64 (1975) Chairman Kim Jong Il came over the rugged Machon Pass to see the Komdok Mine.

Officials stood in the way and said that they could never allow the Chairman to go in the pit faces. But asking them again why he had come if he would not go inside, the Chairman repeatedly said that he should go into any place where our precious miners worked though it might be so rugged and far off situated. Miners will be disappointed to hear we went back without going into their pit faces, he added.

Then, the Chairman wore a plain safety helmet and got on the man car first heading toward the pit faces. He asked in detail the production and living conditions of the miners and sensed that they slept in the pit faces and worked for many days. He said to the officials that engaging in the campaign for more mining production was after all for them and that they should make the miners leave the pit faces to get sleep at their homes.

Komdok, in which the peerlessly great man had left his trace to show his loving care decades ago, is now converted into an ideal mountain valley town thanks to the benevolent care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

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