Politics for the Future (3)

Infinite Affection

He said that as the children would tour Mt Kumgang and Masik Pass during the camping period, scrupulous arrangements should be made so that they could have a pleasant time, pitching tents and enjoying mountaineering. He stressed that a cooperative farm and a fishing cooperative should be assigned to take full charge of the supplies for the camp, such as meat, eggs and fish, adding that one more central children’s camp should be set up in Mt Kumgang and Kwail County respectively, and a modern camp in every province.

He made the rounds of the newly-built hall, electronic recreation room, rooms for various circles and marine science diffusion room.

He instructed officials to calculate how much it would cost to build an aquarium, stressing that it must be built at the camp.

He continued to say that 100 plastic boats should be manufactured for the wading pool of the camp, amusement facilities set up on a vacant lot beside the pool, and transportation means and a repair base provided for the maintenance of the camp.

He said: The Party ensured that Songdowon International Children’s Camp has been renovated in the latest fashion, so the League of Socialist Working Youth should keep it in a good state of maintenance. The officials in charge of extracurricular education of students and other young people should organize camping well in conformity with their age and psychological characteristics and steadily improve the contents of the camping activities, so as to ensure that they get more substantial benefits from the Party’s affection and benevolent care.

After looking round the camp, he left for the inspection of the front line. His affection for children was infinite, indeed.

The following song was very popular among children, as well as adults.

On this spring holiday in April

Our General is going to the soldiers’ units.

Seeing children on the way to the camp,

He waves to them in his car.

He goes to the front line and the children to the camp.

The General sees rugged mountains ahead of him,

And the children see the sun rising above the sea.

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