With Firm Belief

One day a few years ago, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un looked round the newly-built acrylic paint production process.

In front of the chart showing the production process, he expressed his great satisfaction over the founding of a new world-level industry, saying the technology, which had been exclusive to only a few countries, was established by the efforts of Korean technicians in a Korean way.

Moving towards the production area, he said that it was another proud success achieved in the field of the chemical industry to build and operate the acrylic paint production process by dint of the country`s own technologies, raw materials and equipment. He went on to say that what pleased him while looking round the production process built in the Sunchon Chemical Complex is not only the sight of the Korean-style acrylic paint being produced but also the keen understanding that once we are determined, we can realize the Juche-orientation and modernization of the chemical industry on a high level with our own strength, technology and raw materials.

His teachings connote his noble intention that only when the country strives more perseveringly with the far-reaching ideal to lead the world, can the foundations of the Juche-based chemical industry be laid firmly.

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