Excellent Location

One day in July 2018, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited an airport in Kyongsong County during his inspection of North Hamgyong Province, in spite of the scorching heat at high noon in summer.

Feasting his eyes on the airport, he said with satisfaction that it would be hard to find out such an expansive and fertile plain and that it was the best place for building a large-scale vegetable greenhouse farm.

He said he has given himself to how to supply various kinds of fresh vegetables to the people in North Hamgyong Province all the year round and decided to build a modern large-scale vegetable greenhouse farm in the place of the airport. Stressing that it was his cherished desire to build a modern vegetable greenhouse farm for the people, he said he was very pleased at the thought that the problem of vegetables for the population in the province would be solved and that he was happiest when he did a worthwhile thing for the people like this.

Noting that the population in the province would be very glad if the People’s Army built the greenhouse farm for them and the army-people relations would be further strengthened, he said the People’s Army should do anther laudable work for the good of the people.

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