Praising for Great Man Echoed (2)

President Kim Il Sung was highly celebrated from a large number of renowned figures as the world elder statesman and outstanding national leader for his greatest exploits in the political history of the 20th century.

President Ho Chi Minh stated: “I said I was older and began revolution earlier than him, but I am merely a disciple of Comrade Kim Il Sung.”

Cambodian king Norodom Sihanouk eulogized: “Your Excellency Great Leader Kim Il Sung is now winning so high and great authority and popularity as never before.”

Chinese premier Zhou Enlai asserted: “Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung is always correct in judging situations, analyzing issues and making policies. That is why we support respected Comrade Kim Il Sung.”

Guyana president Sampson Burnham elated: “Great Leader President Kim Il Sung is indeed an excellent leader with an intelligent view and well versed into all issues. He is really a great leader to be respected from all people in this world.”

American religious leader Billy Graham said that he did not feel the need at all to preach in North Korea. All 66 books of Old and New Testament convey the God’s will to love all humans. However, in that country, love for humans is now coming into effect as state policy. Free medical care, free education and state responsibility on clothing, eating and housing are all the state policies President Kim Il Sung proposed and executed. He believes in people as in Heaven. North Koreans are holding him like God. Then, is there any need of the Bible here?

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