Reason for Visit at Midnight

A few actresses were spending the New Year`s Day at a dormitory. They were the people who could not go homes owing to the narrow-minded behavior of some officials who considered that they would make trouble to performance preparation if they did not return in time after having observed the New Year’s Day at far-off homes.

Being aware of the fact, Chairman Kim Jong Il said sternly that loving comrade is the noblest, the most devoted and fervent and that revolutionaries are recognized as the most beautiful people in the world as they have such mind.

He said to an official that he would relent a little only when the official would go to the dormitory to comfort young girls though a bit late. The Chairman kindly asked him to go with sweets and fruits, never to come back hurriedly but to talk to them and calm their regret.

The official went to the dormitory at once. They could not repress their passion and shed tears of gratitude twitching their shoulders.

It happened on January 2, Juche 64(1975).

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