“The Master Lives in a Rented Room”

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited again the Songmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm in July 2018.

Feasting his eyes on the farm in good harmony with fishponds and cosy buildings, he expressed his satisfaction at the fact that they have been renovated in a modern way and its greenbelts laid out well, though three years ago they had been poor-looking. Now it just looks like a picture, he added.

After looking round the newly-built room for education in the revolutionary history and open-air fishponds teeming with salmon, he made his way to an oxygen-generating station.

He came to a sudden stop on a small bridge across a drainage water channel. Closely looking at a swarm of fish in the rapid current of the channel, he asked if they were rainbow trout.

An accompanying official of the farm answered that he was right. When the Supreme Leader asked how they lived there, he said that they were breeding rainbow trout in the channel due to the increased number of salmon.

Laughing heartily, the Supreme Leader said he saw for the first time breeding such fish of higher quality as rainbow trout in the drainage water channel.

Noting that the rainbow trout which had been bred in fishponds in the past live in a “rented room” because of the increased number of salmon, he said such a spectacular scene could be seen only in this pedigree farm.

The accompanying officials burst into a roar of laugher at his plain remarks clearly reflecting the eye-opening change of the pedigree farm.

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