Lunar New Year Performance Enjoyed

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, watched a Lunar New Year performance on February 11 together with the members of the Party central leadership body.

The participants were greatly excited to see the significant performance celebrating the Lunar New Year with the General Secretary, after taking part in the 2nd plenary meeting of the 8th WPK Central Committee to be brilliantly recorded in the history of the Party and the Juche revolution and being provided the powerful weapon for practice and innovation for implementing the decisions made at the 8th Party Congress.

As the General Secretary appeared at the theatre amid the welcome music, all the participants broke into stormy cheers extending the greatest respect to him who is opening up an avenue to fresh advance and victory for the Party and the people by dint of his far-sighted wisdom and extraordinary art of leadership and strengthens the Party into a motherly party that fights, advances and unconditionally serves the people both in name and reality.

The performance given by artistes of the State Merited Chorus and major art troupes included monumental songs reflecting the people’s boundless trust in the WPK which has led the country and the people and glorified the annals of the revolution with gigantic transformation and victories.

The performers sang highly of the greatness of their Party which has confidently led the Korean revolution straight along the path of victory defying unprecedented grim hardships and challenges and demonstrated the might of the country and the people.

Resounding through the venue were famous pieces of the era of the Workers’ Party showing deep reverence for Kim Jong Un who is creating a new history of a dignified powerful country with the people-first politics full of warm loving care for and devotion to the people, and reflecting the loyalty and single-minded unity of the people who are determined to greet all victories and glory on the road of only trusting and following the Party.

Seeing the solemn and noble world of music presented by hymns to the great Party, the audience keenly felt once again the truth that a bright future is in store for their country and people whatever hardship and difficulties may stand in their advance as long as the General Secretary leads the Party and the revolution with his whole-hearted devotion to realizing the dream and ideal of people and in the spirit of devoted service to the people’s wellbeing and the noble idea of single-minded unity and self-reliance.

The performance gave rich artistic depiction of the profound loyalty and firm faith of the people to follow the long journey of the revolution demonstrating the might of the Korean-style socialism while holding up the red flag of Paektu and the Party flag, a guide flag, as the banner of victory. It reached the climax with orchestral music and male chorus “We Will Go On along the Road of Loyalty” and “We’ll Travel One Road Forever”.

At the end of the performance, the General Secretary mounted the stage and thanked the performers for warmly congratulating the success in the work of the plenary meeting of the Party Central Committee while showing the absolute support for the revolutionary line and the idea of the Party through their excellent performance, and had a significant photo taken with them.

Acknowledging the enthusiastically cheering audience, he expressed his conviction that the members of the Party central leadership body would fulfill with credit their heavy yet honourable responsibility and duty before the revolution in the van of the grand march for implementing the decisions made at the Party Congress, always bearing in mind the expectations of the Party members and all other people across the country, and encouraged all the participants.


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