Songdowon International Children’s Camp

This camp is the biggest and most modern children`s camp in the DPRK. As an international camp the children from home and abroad come to enjoy themselves. It is situated in Songdowon, a scenic spot on the east coast, and its buildings are in good harmony with the surrounding landscape.

The camp was renovated in May Juche103 (2014).

In front of the camp stand the statues depicting President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, among the Korean and foreign children.

The camp has a hall for education in Kim Jong Il’s patriotism, campers’ lodgings with bedrooms, dining rooms and other welfare facilities designed to meet their sentiments, and the excellent international friendship children’s hall consisting of a theatre, an electronic recreation hall, a library, an international friendship room, a children’s union room, a fine art room, a skill exhibition room, a 4-D rhythmic cinema and the like. And a playground, a gymnasium, an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor wading pool and an outdoor archery ground are well arranged for the campers’ diversified sports activities.

It has also an aquarium, an aviary and a room where stuffed animals are on display. They help the children acquire knowledge about animals and plants.

Besides, the camp has a room where the children can cook rice and different foods by themselves.

Whenever the camping season set in, children’s laughter fills the camp.

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