Photo Expressive of Love

It happened on a day in May Juche 101(2012).

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who inspected a unit of the Korean People’s Army went into the mess hall.

He was satisfied that the hall was spacious and clean, checked on the temperature of the dining section and acquainted himself with the production of vegetables to be supplied to service personnel. He then went into the kitchen filled with steam.

He gave pep talks to the cooks, who were so excited that they were at a loss, taking their hands warmly.

They looked up to the Supreme Leader who deeply cared about the soldiers’ dietary life with paternal affection, tears streaming down their cheeks.

Looking at them affectionately, he said he would like to have a photo taken with the cooks who were taking pains more than anybody else for the soldiers.

He generously responded to their unceremonious behaviour as he was satisfied with the cooks who were preparing meals for soldiers without a day’s rest in place of their mothers at home.

The photograph he posed with the cooks on the unforgettable day was associated with his earnest request to take maternal care of the soldiers whom he loves most.

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