Most Outstanding Statesman of Present Era

Many foreigners and media outlets lavish praise on Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Teguh Santosa, secretary general of the Indonesia-Korea Association for Friendship and Cultural Exchange, said as follows:

“The Korean people are advancing full of confidence towards the final victory holding HE Kim Jong Un in high esteem at the top posts of the Party and state.

“He most perfectly embodies the ideological and theoretical wisdom, personality and qualification as the people’s leader possessed by the preceding leaders, and wisely leads the struggle for the completion of the revolutionary cause of Juche. His politics is firm in determination, limpid in faith and mysterious.”

As it is led by HE Kim Jong Un, socialist Korea demonstrates its might as an invincible power no formidable enemy dares to attack, said the secretary general of the Karachi branch of the Pakistan-Korea Friendship Association.  “Perfectly embodying the ideology, leadership and personality traits of the great President Kim Il Sung and HE Kim Jong Il on the highest level, Kim Jong Un has performed great exploits that others cannot do even in decades in a short period of time.”

The website of the Novosibirsk Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Nepalese Internet magazine Nepal Today and Cambodian AKP told about the personality traits of the Supreme Leader as a great man born of heaven, lauding him as a people-loving statesman endowed with noble humanity and outlook on people, a doer leader possessed of seasoned leadership ability, outstanding drive and indefatigable fighting spirit and a political leader with firm faith, audacity and independent stand.

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