Black Chokeberry Widely Cultivated

Black chokeberry trees are widely cultivated in the DPRK.

They (original name Aronia), the origin of which is North America, were presented by German and Polish horticulturists to President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il. The President ensured that they were called “black chokeberry” as they contained rich physiological active substances good for human body in their fruits and leaves and underscored the need to widely cultivate them for the promotion of people`s health. 

The medical efficacy of black chokeberry trees has improved further as they were acclimatized to meet the climate of the DPRK. They are now used as a raw material of highly-effective medicines and health foods.

The extract, injection and fermented vinegar made from the fruits of black chokeberry trees, which were developed recently by different units of the DPRK, are popular among consumers, as they not only take various kinds of toxic materials out of human body but also are good for treating and preventing various diseases such as cardiovascular system disorders and cerebral diseases.

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