Chinese Dancers Celebrate Day of the Sun with Excellent Performance

The Chinese art troupe who had left a deep impression on the audience with their first performance in the 31st April Spring Friendship Art Festival performed a ballet choreodrama Red Women Company at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre on April 15, adding more to the joy of the Koreans celebrating the Day of the Sun meaningfully.

Lots of people thronged the venue of performance with warm feeling of friendship towards the fraternal Chinese people.

Through the ballet choreodrama Red Women Company, model of ballet dance with Chinese characteristics, the entertainers of the prestigious National Ballet of China represented well with elegant, beautiful and adroit dancing skills the development process of the Chinese women, who had been subjected to all manner of exploitation and maltreatment in the 1930s, into revolutionary fighters under the guidance of the Communist Party of China.

The audience warmly congratulated the Chinese art envoys on their excellent performance on the Day of the Sun, presenting baskets of flowers and bouquets and sending warm applause.

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