4D Simulation Cinema

One day in July, Juche 102 (2013), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, on his way for on-site guidance, was informed of the development of 4D simulation entertainment facilities.

Saying that the people would be happy when the domestically developed facilities were installed in funfairs and parks, he suggested building a splendid 4D simulation cinema for them as soon as possible.

He then appointed a site for it on picturesque Rungna Island in Pyongyang and specified every detail about its designing such as the placement of auditoriums and control rooms, interior wall decoration of the auditoriums and acoustics.

In September that year, he inspected the completed cinema. He said that it was well built in a short time and that working people and students would come to the cinema with curiosity.

In an auditorium he learned in detail about various visual effects, senses of sound, movement and space and rhythmic conditions of the seats.

And he told officials how to operate the cinema, especially the way to enable people to watch the films that are suitable to their health and age.

He referred to the need to build such cinemas more in Pyongyang and local areas and make and screen much more 4D simulation films to run the cinemas.

As a result, the 4D simulation cinemas were built in funfairs and parks.

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