All Mountains Turn Green

Marked successes have been achieved in the nationwide programme to turn all mountains into “gold and treasure mountains” in the DPRK.

A typical example is Tree Nursery No. 122 of the Korean People`s Army: it has been built as a praise-worthy sapling production base in which production has been put on a scientific, industrial and intensive basis perfectly.

And following Kangwon Province, which built a large tree nursery with an annual production capacity of more than 20 million seedlings, each province is carrying on the construction of tree nursery at the final stage and the modernization project of the central tree nurseries of the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection and Ministry of Urban Management are also dynamically pushed ahead. New sapling green houses have also been built in most of the parent tree nurseries in all cities and counties, providing a guarantee for producing saplings twice a year.

The construction of the forest equipment and materials factory has made it possible to provide provinces, cities and counties with enough equipment and materials of all kinds including plastic panel for greenhouse, sun screen and plastic container for sapling cultivation.

Scientists in the forestry research institution and the relevant sector produced valuable scientific research hits in raising the rate of rooting in tree planting. The number of units honoured with the title of socialist patriotic forest increased throughout the country and encouraging results were reported in other works including the fight against the blights, installation and repair of facilities against forest fire and reduction of dependence on forest.

All these are the proud successes the Korean people have achieved by turning out like one for the forest restoration campaign under the wise leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in the spirit of self-reliance.

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