Students’ Desks Reflect Leader’s Meticulous Care

One day in October a few years ago, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected the completed Wisong Scientists Residential District.

That day, he also dropped in at schools for sons and daughters of scientists.

He even looked over the desks in the classrooms of a junior middle school.

The desks were designed to open the upper board so that students could put textbooks and other necessary materials into them.

As he looked into a desk, the Supreme Leader put a ball-point pen on it and opened the upper board.

At that time, the pen rolled down on to the floor.

The Leader found out at once the defect of desks even teachers and designers had never thought.

Referring to the need to make a rise or cut a groove on the desk lest naughty children drop their pencils or ball-point pens on the floor, he explained in detail how to cut a groove.

Though they are ordinary desks for children, they are closely associated with the magnanimous love of the Supreme Leader.

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