Hunting at Night

The following happened on January 5, 1975.

On this cold winter day Kim Jong Il visited an island-defending unit of the KPA. For long hours he inquired in detail about the living conditions for the service personnel, combat readiness and even education of the children on the island.

As the night grew late, his entourage became nervous.

Walking in deep thought for a while, he told the officials that he could not leave this out-of-the-way island without doing anything for the soldiers and he would be relieved if he could give something to them. Then he proposed hunting wild animals there.

The officials were dumbfounded by this offer, as it was already pitch dark and they were ignorant of the island’s geography.

They advised that he should have a rest, saying that they would go and hunt animals.

He thanked them and said: You should understand my feelings. Upon seeing us, the soldiers here asked if President Kim Il Sung is in good health and told me not to worry about their posts on the front line. It is a great encouragement to me. I myself must do something for them.

He continued to say:

I want to hunt some wild animals and send them to the soldiers who are reliably defending the frontline posts of the country.

The hunting ended well past midnight.

The officials urged him to go back to his lodging and have a rest. But he counted the game and divided them up to give an equal share to each one of the soldiers on the island and the sailors of his vessel. He had the game loaded into his car and carried to the wharf.

Now feeling at ease, he left the island.

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