Growing Public Enthusiasm for Introducing IT

Notable achievements have been made in the development of cutting-edge information technologies with the enthusiasm for introducing IT growing in the DPRK in recent years.

It is evidenced by the cutting-edge IT products presented to the national sci-tech presentation in the IT sector, the national exhibition of IT achievements of university students and the national exhibition of IT achievements-2018 this year.

Standouts were intellectual products including the integrated manufacturing and control system and management information systems for putting production and management activities on IT, digital and automatic basis, programs needed for the establishment of flexible production system, education support programs, information communications means, and computers and TVs to which advanced technologies have been applied. These are the proud creations brought about by the fervent enthusiasm of all scientists, technicians, officials, workers and university students who have worked hard with ambitious goals to rush in the van of a campaign to break through the cutting edge.

The valuable sci-tech achievements and cutting-edge IT products made in all parts of the country substantially contribute to developing the economy and improving the people’s livelihood as they give impetus to the informatization of the country.

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