Ours Is the Best

It happened in September Juche 88(1999) when Chairman Kim Jong Il visited an electrical appliances factory.

When the Chairman reached before a switchboard yet to be assembled, the factory manager told him that it didn`t deserve to be appreciated, because he felt ashamed to show it to him as it did not have sleek main frame.

Then the Chairman told him that it did not matter whether or not the switchboard was good-looking and electricity was made from generator, not from a switchboard or a panel board. He continued saying that when he visited a factory he found an imported large and glittering switchboard, but it did not work as it had some problems. At that time he felt uncertain when it would get repaired, as it had no accessories. Then he got a firm conviction that after all ours is best, he added.

Ours is the best!

His word gave the factory officials confidence and courage with which to open up the road to building a socialist power holding higher the slogan of self-reliance.

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