Implanting Noble Sense of Patriotism

One night in May Juche 26(1937) the soldiers of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army as usual sat around the fire they made near the temporary camp and began to talk about their native areas they so longed to see.

President Kim Il Sung sat together with them around the campfire and told them about Pyongyang.

His stories about the long history and culture of Pyongyang, patriotic struggle of the Korean ancestors who had ardently loved the country and the beautiful scenery of Pyongyang were all so impressive that they filled them with national pride and fired them with passionate love for the motherland.

That night he also told about his birthplace at Mangyongdae he had never forgotten even a moment, beautiful landscape of the motherland and noble characters of the Korean people who had widely been known to be civilized and well-mannered from olden times.

The stories he told at the campfire that night hardened the determination of the guerillas to fight to the end for the liberation of the beloved country and people from the military rule by the Japanese imperialists.

The President implanted passionate patriotism in the minds of the guerrillas even during bloody battles and arduous march so that they could devote their all to achieving the country’s liberation.

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