In the Exercise Room

The supreme leader Kim Jong Un stopped in the exercise room of the Kyongsang Kindergarten on his second visit to the kindergarten.

Children were having a good time playing basketball and lifting weights. The leader was affectionately looking at children who were throwing balls at the basket, and then he stood a boy on the semi-circle line and told him to throw a ball into the basket. But the child failed though he tried several times.

Kim Jong Un, who had been watching his motion, dabbed his cheek and taught him how to throw the ball into the basket. After that he watched children in the game of weightlifting. Seeing a child of strong build looking like a grown-up weightlifter lift a toy weight with all his might, he said with a laugh the child seemed to be a man of great strength.

After watching the children boxing and playing on a slide, he had a souvenir photograph taken with all the children.

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