Benevolent Father

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited Mangyongdae Revolutionary School, a school for the children of revolutionary martyrs, on the lunar New Year’s Day of Juche 101 (2012).

He said: Although I have many places to visit on lunar New Year’s Day I have come to this school first thinking that its schoolchildren must be feeling gloomy yearning for General Kim Jong Il. This is the first lunar New Year’s Day since the death of the General. So, who else but I should greet the holiday together with them on behalf of their parents?

Then he went towards the photographing stand waving his hand to the cheering schoolchildren. Saying that the children must be cold, he asked his accompanying officials to make them put on gloves. He kindly asked the children not to weep as they would look badly in the picture.

In the mess hall he asked them what foods they feel tasty and feasted his eyes on them enjoying holiday dishes. The schoolchildren were deeply moved to tears at the sight of his parental affection.

Indeed, the Supreme Leader is the benevolent father and teacher of the children of this school who takes warm care of them and brings them up to be the dependable pillars of Songun Korea.

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