Sungnyong Temple

The Sungnyong Temple is located in Central District, Pyongyang, side by side with the Sungin Temple, built in the later years of Koryo.

There are such monumental buildings around it as the Pyongyang Students and Children’s Palace, Grand People’s Study House and Mansudae Fountain Park.

Built in 1429, the temple was used as a place for holding ritual for the worship of Tangun, father of the Korean nation. The historical record Sejong Sillok (Chronicles of King Sejong) reads in part that in 1429 a shrine for worship of Tangun was built and memorial services for both Tangun and King Tongmyong were held in that building. The temple was formerly called Tangun Temple, and it was named Sungnyong Temple after memorial services for both Tangun and King Tongmyong began to be held. The present building was rebuilt in 1714.

Both the Sungnyong Temple and Sungin Temple, located in the centre of Pyongyang, showcase the high architectural skills of the Korean nation and add national flavour to the capital city.

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