Model of Kimchi Factory

The Ryugyong Kimchi Factory has wonderfully been built in the suburbs of Pyongyang, to the delight of people.

The factory covers an area of over 16 130 square metres with an annual production capacity of thousands of tons of kimchi and vegetables preserved in sauce and hundreds of tons of processed mushroom.

The main product is full cabbage kimchi which is made by an industrial method, a combination of traditional kimchi-making methods and modern techniques. With a strong yet savoury taste, it fully exhibits the special features unique to the traditional food of the Korean nation.

The factory also mass-produces a variety of vegetables preserved in sauce with radish, celery, egg plant, bracken, perilla leaves as raw materials, such as green pepper and garlic preserved in sauce, and cabbage and onion pickles as well as many kinds of kimchi and fermented fish with a strong national flavour.
Processed mushroom products include Pleurotus eryngii, agaric and others preserved in sauce. They are all processed by a quick method based on an advanced technology so that they can fully function as a natural anti-cancer material and essential amino acids, vitamins and microelements contained in them prove fully effective.

The quality of people’s diet has improved markedly in the DPRK thanks to the wise leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who translates the instructions of the great leaders into reality.

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