He Met His Birthday in the Morning Rain

In Juche 66 (1977) there was little rain in general areas of the country till early April. So the crops were getting damaged by droughts.

Under such situation, President Kim Il Sung gave his field guidance to the farms in Kaechon City and Nyongbyon County.

He went to see some farms to take steps for irrigating the fields on April 13 and 14 and came back to his lodging place late at night on April 14. Then, the President unusually opened the window and gazed at the night sky.

On April 15, it began raining in the morning.

The President went out in the garden wearing no overcoat and spread out his fingers to guess rainfall. When an official ran toward him taking his overcoat, the President said to him that they talked his birthday so often, but raining was better than his birthday to him and then smiled very cheerfully.

He was really the great leader of the people who took pains for agricultural development of the country even on his birthday.

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