Teaching How to Educate Children

Behind every good child there is a good mother and behind that mother is a great mentor.

President Kim Il Sung called a national meeting of mothers decades ago.

He attended the meeting and made a historic speech there. While looking at the participants with affection, he referred to the devotion of all mothers across the country to their children. And he gave important instructions on the education of children, saying they assume enormous responsibility for bringing up their children as pillars of society.

No special methods are needed to educate their children properly, he said, citing examples one after another to explain that the best way is to educate them to follow the examples which have been set in the country at present.

All the participants in the meeting know the story about the medical workers who saved the life of Pang Ha Su, a boy who had suffered a serious burn, and those about Kil Hwak Sil and Ri Sin Ja, he said. He noted that if all children are educated to follow these good examples, they would surely become good people.

The President was really a great teacher of all mothers, who gave important instructions on how to educate children by putting his heart and soul into making mothers fully aware of the honorable duty they assume for the times and revolution.

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