Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Sent an Open Letter to All the Party Members in the Capital City of Pyongyang

To All the Comrade Party Members in the Capital City of Pyongyang

Dear all the comrade Party members in the capital city of Pyongyang,

I extend my greetings to you who are working harder than anybody else in the intensive struggle for making preparations for the grand events to be held soon in celebration of the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and for its historic Eighth Congress.

In hearty response to the major decisions the WPK Central Committee adopted in the face of manifold threats to the security of the state and lives of the people, you are working with devotion for their implementation; thanks to the pivotal role you have played, Pyongyang, the capital city of our revolution, is maintaining its security in the main.

But, as you all have learned through newspaper and radio, various parts of the country suffered severe damage simultaneously from floods and a typhoon that hit them in succession recently, and an intensive struggle is going on to remove the aftereffects.

To make matters worse, typhoon No. 9 followed them, inflicting damage on Kangwon Province and North and South Hamgyong provinces on the east coast.

In particular, dwelling houses and public buildings were submerged or damaged in about ten cities and counties in South Hamgyong Province, including Tanchon, Sinpho and Hongwon, leaving many people homeless.

To take houses alone as an example, more than 1 000 of them collapsed.

I have been reported that North Hamgyong Province suffered no less damage.

Although we had taken all the conceivable preventive measures closely monitoring the typhoon since it was coming up north hundreds of kilometres away, it brought unexpectedly heavy rains and high winds, resulting in great damage.

In this critical situation which admits not a moment of delay and, what is more, when many of the major civilian construction forces and Korean People’s Army units have already been deployed in the damaged areas in Kangwon and North and South Hwanghae provinces, the WPK Central Committee has decided to unburden itself of the problem of strongly supporting the reconstruction project sites in North and South Hamgyong provinces to none other than you, Party members in the capital city.

Needless to say, there are also many Party members and organizations and major forces of the working class in these provinces, and it is of my belief that they, too, will fully understand the intention of the WPK Central Committee and do a good job of the reconstruction projects.

However, it is the view of the WPK Central Committee that it would be more meaningful when the core Party members in the capital city, bodyguards who are defending it nearer to it than anybody else, hold aloft a banner and march to the reconstruction project sites.

It is a national trait that all the parts of the country always defend the capital, its heart, in every possible way, but it can also be called our proud national trait that the citizens of the capital city give sincere support and encouragement to the provincial people when they are in difficulties.

Party members in the capital city are the core force that our Party places its greatest trust in.

If they go and work in the damaged areas true to the call of the Party, we will gain great strength which cannot be compared to the economic losses incurred as a result of the destructive natural disaster.

Their arrival at the damaged areas after a forced march from Pyongyang will immediately instil a great encouragement into the Party members and other people there, and the unity of the whole Party will be further consolidated with intention and intimate feelings in the course of their struggle to weather and break through the trials and hardships together.

This year we have experienced special difficulties owing to the continuing worldwide healthcare crisis concurring with the natural disasters, but we are overcoming all these difficulties bravely on the strength of the unity of the Party and the people.

This is never a year of calamity and disaster but a year of struggle, advance and unity, in which we are achieving firmer solidarity through a super-intense, arduous struggle.

Over the past 75 years, our Party flag has fluttered on the victorious hills, never with the wind of those times, but thanks to the ardent feelings of loyalty and patriotism of our Party members, who have turned out whatever the tasks as one to reply to the calls of the WPK Central Committee with outstanding feats.

At this decisive and responsible moment, when a turning point has to be created for achieving another meaningful victory noteworthy in the history of our Party and the revolutionary struggle, the Party members in the capital city should be standard-bearers and a shock-brigade.

The WPK Central Committee requests our Party members in the capital city to turn out and volunteer in high spirits for the reconstruction projects in the damaged areas in North and South Hamgyong provinces in order to resolutely defend the 75th founding anniversary of the WPK and its Eighth Congress.

October 10 is approaching nearer, and even though we are under difficult conditions and time is not enough, we can never leave the many new disaster victims in North and South Hamgyong provinces to greet the holiday outdoors.

The WPK Central Committee calls upon the Party members in the capital city, with the warm care and solicitude of the Party and deep affection of Pyongyang, to wholeheartedly console the people in the damaged areas, help them and work with devotion so that they can get rid of the aftereffects as soon as possible.

Dear comrade Party members in the capital city of Pyongyang,

Now the front where the reconstruction campaign is being conducted to relieve the disaster victims of their inconveniences and sufferings is the forefront to which our Party must direct all its efforts.

That is why the WPK Central Committee has decided to organize elite divisions, involving 12 000 hardcore Party members in the capital city, to be dispatched immediately to North and South Hamgyong provinces, respectively.

Any officials and other Party members of the Pyongyang municipal committee and district committees of the WPK, city-level and district-level institutions, factories and other enterprises can volunteer to join these first-ever combat units, and receive recommendations from their respective WPK committees.

If the divisions, before leaving, hold a rally and harden their resolve in the square in front of the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, where Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are preserved in their lifetime appearance, and march to the reconstruction project sites, the great leaders will be very pleased.

Your major task at the reconstruction sites is to be the point men and sparks in implementing the Party’s policy in the vanguard of the working youth and soldiers who have turned out to restore the damaged areas.

As befitting core Party members from the capital city, you should be a model for others by displaying burning stamina and performing well-ordered action in all respects of restoration struggle and living during the whole period, from going to the reconstruction sites to withdrawing from them.

Explaining to the people in the afflicted areas the genuine desire of the WPK Central Committee to turn the misfortune into blessings and get them to live in better houses and in a better environment, you should sincerely help them to carry out the reconstruction projects with confidence and optimism.

You should never impose a burden on the local people nor put on airs abusing your assistance, but be modest and behave faithfully; and while learning from the unyielding way of life and temperament of the local people who are braving the difficulties out, you should open-heartedly teach them the good experiences and advanced technical skills created in the capital city.

As the elite divisions of the Party members of the capital city, who are going to be dispatched, are to build mainly houses and public facilities, units under the direct control of the divisions should be organized involving those who served in the army units specializing in construction and therefore are highly skilled in construction.

These units should complete their projects wonderfully, raise the quality of all the reconstruction projects and teach all the advanced construction skills they possess to the local builders not only with advanced construction methods and skills but also with the attitude of an educator who does all their work with a sense of responsibility and assiduousness.

Party members at ministries and central institutions should provide promptly and in good time the materials, equipment and goods necessary for the reconstruction projects with an attitude of being combatants in the restoration areas, so as to fulfil their duties becoming Party members in the capital city.

I am going to dispatch the divisions, formed of excellent Party members in the capital city, to help the people in North and South Hamgyong provinces, but what worries me most is their health.

Even though these Party members have been trained much and tested at the production sites and through practical struggle, they may feel difficult and tired as they have to wage a 24-7 campaign in the autumn winds in the damaged areas.

The commanding officers and political workers who are in charge of the divisions of Party members should show meticulous concern on the health and life of all their members and take care of them with a tender heart, so that they all can finish the projects and come back to the capital city of Pyongyang and their dear houses in good health.

I firmly believe that the elite divisions of our Party members in the capital city organized and dispatched to North and South Hamgyong provinces under the direction of the WPK Central Committee, as a special detachment for staunchly defending the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the WPK and its Eighth Congress, would perform with credit their honourable mission and combat tasks and achieve a great victory.

For our great people,

For our great single-hearted unity,

For our great state,

And for our great October holiday,

Let us launch a brave, sacred struggle!

Forward, comrade Party members in the capital city!

In a typhoon-afflicted area in South Hamgyong Province

Kim Jong Un

September 5, 2020

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