Diverse Ecosystem in Rason Area (1)

There are the internationally significant Rason Migratory Bird Reserve and Alsom Seabird Breeding Reserve in the Rason area in the northeastern tip of the DPRK.

The Rason Migratory Bird Reserve covers a wide area of some 3 200 hectares in the estuary of the Tuman River, which is comprised of various types of wetlands including Manpho, Tongbonpho and Sobonpho lakes, mudflats, reedbeds, rice paddy fields, estuary and delta area.        

More than 40 000 water birds of 228 species have so far been observed in this place.

The reserve was inscribed on the wetland list of international importance, or Ramsar site list, in Juche 107(2018).

The Alsom Seabird Breeding Reserve is a breeding place and habitat of dozens of species of seabirds. The islet is called thus, as flocks of migratory birds fly to island and lay eggs there.

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